Tree Surgery Services

AA Tree Surgeons are based in Amber Valley, Derbyshire. We offer a reliable, honest, skilled and professional tree management service for all over Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. These areas include Ripley, Alfreton, Belper, Matlock, Heanor, Chesterfield and Nottinghamshire.

Dead Wood Pruning

Deadwood Pruning is the removal from the tree of dead, dying or broken branches and diseased branch wood.

Crown Thinning

Crown thinning is the sensitive removal of a selected proportion of secondary and small live branch growth throughout the crown.


Heavy Crown Reduction Pruning or Pollarding techniques are sometimes appropriate where the crown of a deciduous tree is simply too large for its location or in instances where extensive defects and weaknesses might make the tree unstable.


The complete removal of a tree is sometimes necessary because of conflicting site use or the death or dangerous condition of the subject tree.

Storm Damaged Trees

The removal of storm damaged branches or trees can be a very dangerous task to do, as on many occasions the tree is left in a very unsafe and unstable manner.

Removal of Dead and Dangerous Trees

The removal of dead and dangerous trees in confined spaces and over obstructions and buildings is an exacting and specialized task.

Formative and Fruit Tree Pruning

We carry out many small tasks such as formative and cultural pruning of young trees to encourage good early crown formation and crop.

Sectional Dismantling

AA Tree Surgeons has many calls upon its skills for the sectional dismantling of trees in large or small confined spaces, where access is poor or difficult or overhanging obstacles from BT cables to properties and even green houses.

TPO (Tree Preservation Order) or Conservation Areas

Tree Preservation Order (TPO) is an order made by a Local Planning Authority with respect to trees or woodlands.

A tree that is protected by a TPO require consent before any works on the tree are undertaken.

Hedge Cutting

AA Tree Surgeons pride ourselves on doing every hedge to a high standard we have all the equipment to tackle any hedge of any size from formative trimming of small box hedges to cutting back large overgrown hedges for easy maintenance for the coming years.

Crown Reductions

A Crown reduction is the uniform shortening of branches to reduce the overall size of the canopy. A trees appearance or form can be enhanced by a crown reduction and the amenity value of the tree increased.