TPO (Tree Preservation Order) or Conservation Areas

Tree Preservation Order (TPO) is an order made by a Local Planning Authority with respect to trees or woodlands.

A tree that is protected by a TPO require consent before any works on the tree are undertaken.

Exemptions allow certain works to a tree to be carried out without notice or application to either the Local Authority or the Forestry Commission. These may be based upon size or condition. Works to a tree that is dead or dangerous are exempt from the requirement to apply or notify the relevant authority, although it is recognized as good practice to inform the authority. Where a protected tree is imminently dangerous, the minimum work necessary to abate the danger may be undertaken without reference to the relevant authority, any further work requiring an application or notification as appropriate. A protected fruit tree may be pruned without consent where the pruning is undertaken for the benefit of fruit production and is in accordance with good horticultural practice.

Conservation Areas

The Town and Country Planning Act 1990 makes special provision for trees in conservation areas which are not the subject of a TPO. Anyone proposing to cut down or carry out work on a tree in a Conservation Area is required to give the Local Planning Authority six weeks prior notice.

All trees growing within conservation areas and having a stem diameter of more than 7.5cm at 1.3 metres above ground level are considered protected.


All your TPO and conservation area worries can be explained and when needed we can apply for your consent for the tree works for a small charge which is refunded if we carry out the works. Or we can advise what to put on the document for you to fill in and apply for yourself.


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