Removal of Dead and Dangerous Trees

The removal of dead and dangerous trees in confined spaces and over obstructions and buildings is an exacting and specialized task. AA Tree Surgeons is able to carry out this work quickly and confidently using the advanced high climbing and lowering techniques practiced by our skilled staff. In some cases depending on the amount of decay in the tree and its location the tree can be cut down to leave up the main stem to form a habitat pole to bring in wildlife to your garden.
We always assess the tree before climbing a dead or dangerous tree and in some cases may use other trees around the dead/dangerous tree to anchor ourselves too or lower dead/dangerous branches in a safe and controlled manner to the ground thus ensuring no flying debris when the branch hits the floor.
In more extreme cases where the tree is unsafe to be climbed it may require use of a cherry picker or MUPE (mobile elevated work platform) to ensure full health and safety aspects are adhered to.


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